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WP Sharepoint features all of the top social media networks on the web including facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, youtube and even an add this button all convenients packaged into a single plugin that can be placed on any post or page.

WP Sharepoint uses the latest shortcode technology for adding each button into or post or a page making setup and installation a breeze. Just point and click from the wordpress editor select the buttons you want to install and your good to go, that's it.


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Market Share Fact: According to a recent study released in 2010 by Experian Hitwise US, based on USA usage; Of the Market Share Google owns 7.03%, while Facebook owns 7.07%.

On the graph it shows Facebook increasing, as Google takes a steady path. This means as advertisers, you have a large reach for potential clients.

Problems Business Owners like you face: It’s obvious that many business owners like you don’t have a ton of time to market, but it is a necessity in order to survive your competition. If that is the case, then I recommend Facebook Ads.

Problem with Adwords: Let me tell you a real story. I’ve had success with Adwords and have used them for many many years. Until one day I was sent a warning by Google Adwords. It was my final warning before they were going to delete my account. Of course, it was my first
warning as well. In fact many marketers alike that I know, who were legit as well, received that same notice.

For the past few years, I have been complying with Google's rules and regulations; not selling anything illegal and doing everything ethically. However, because of a few bad apples, I was generalized as one, and there’s a high chance you are too. The problem is, that Adwords is always changing, so it creates frustrations and roadblocks for a business owner, that doesn’t have the time to keep up with the changes.

I’ve heard time and time again, that Adwords does not care about their advertisers that much, and never thought much of it until I saw it first hand. That was why I turned to Facebook Ads.

Fortunately for business owners online and offline, Facebook is extremely easy to use compared with Google Adwords’ complicated system. Not to mention that it is super, super targeted. It’s like the advertiser’s dream. Now that’s not to say that Adwords doesn’t work, because it does. But as times are changing, we realize here, that Facebook is indeed, where a ton of potential clients are.

You can setup a campaign in a matter of minutes; get it approved, and start receiving extremely targeted traffic. Here are a few more reasons why Facebook Ads are the way to go.

As you've seen from above, you have access to a massive market of extremely targeted, potential clients. Now keep in mind that just like any system, there are a few steps you need to follow, to get the success you need and deserve. You can’t just setup a campaign and presume that it will convert.


This step by step, 6 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly plan and setup your Facebook Ad campaign correctly, from; what facebook allows and disallows, the basics of writing your ads, getting them approved, testing them, getting them to convert and building a community around your brand, to increase the viralness!

So...with that said, grab this video series today, and learn how to Start Creating Quality Facebook Ads that Convert!

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